home styling trends in 2022
Can the interior of a property affect our mood? Yes of course! You probably know the type of homes you enter and you can’t explain why, but you feel good in them from the very first moment? There is a reason for this! Our surroundings can either support our mind and soul or effectively weaken...
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airbnb tips to rent it faster
So… Your airbnb or HMO is already fully furnished. The carpet is laid, lighting mounted, the walls are painted, everything is beautifully finished. The interior is theoretically prepared to receive potential guests or tenants. All you need to do is take a few photos, post an advertisement on the Internet and just wait for the...
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Rent your property in UK faster
A buy-to-let property investment is a good idea when you want to generate a regular source of income. However, such a business can quickly become loss-making if you don’t think over your renting strategy well. In this case, the greatest threat are periods when your house or apartment is empty, which makes your investment unprofitable. ...
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Selling home for many people is associated with one of the toughest decisions in life and many sellers are very emotional about it. No wonder – after all, they have often lived in a given place for 10, 20, 30 years or even their whole lives and have a lot of memories with it. Therefore,...
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