Autumn/winter decor trends

autumn / winter trends

When we want to sell or rent an apartment faster, we should adapt its interior to the current
season and the trends prevailing in the season. We will style the apartment differently in the
spring, when everything blooms and takes on colours, and we will use other accessories for
a melancholic autumn, during which there is a completely different atmosphere. We want the
potential client to feel at home and imagine his daily life in our property easily.
Therefore, depending on the season, there are certain elements that are worth paying
attention to and trends that are worth following. In today’s article, we will take a closer look at
this year’s fall / winter decor trends. You can take advantage of our inspirations both when
you plan to prepare an apartment for sale / rent, but also in your own homes, in order to feel
even cosier in them!

Choose natural materials

In autumn and winter, the weather is often not conducive to long walks and spending time
outdoors. What should you do then? Bring nature indoors! How to do it?
Pay attention to the materials of which the furniture and accessories are made of. Ideally,
they should be natural materials such as: stone, bamboo, wicker, wood or rattan. Not only
will it look good, it will also have a positive effect on your well-being! Surrounded by natural
elements, it is much easier to relax and de-stress.
One of the easiest ways to connect with nature in our homes is… buying plants! They will not
only beautify your interior, but also improve your mental health, air quality and even

Use warm and earthy colours

The landscape outside the window does not fill you with optimism, so it is worth paying
attention to the colours that prevail in our interiors. We recommend choosing warm, relaxing
earth tones – they will help to create a cosy, restful interior. Cushions and beddings in
mustard, orange, brown green or shades of grey will always be a good choice!

Lights, lights

Fall and winter are the seasons when the days are much shorter and our apartments are
much less light. It is worth bearing this in mind and “go wild” with the lighting. Placing
atmospheric lamps in the bedroom will surely make it much cosier. However, let’s not forget
about small lamps (such as bedside lamps) in non-standard shapes that can significantly
diversify the interior of the apartment and add style and class to it.

Vintage – sentimental return to the past

Autumn is a time when we often think back to the past and are more sentimental. Furniture
and accessories with a vintage soul are timeless and will perfectly match this atmosphere. A
wooden chest of drawers from a different era or a stylish desk will make your interior original
and homelike.

Make it cosy

What would autumn be without candles and warm, comfortable blankets? These elements
must not be missing in your home! When looking for decorative elements (like blankets or
pillow covers), choose ones that are made of natural textures, like for example wool or
organic cotton. Or maybe it is also worth using hand-made accessories that are one of a
kind and will make your interior stand out from others? It is also a great way to support
talented and creative local entrepreneurs in these difficult times.

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