Airbnb and HMO tips for more bookings

airbnb tips to rent it faster

So… Your airbnb or HMO is already fully furnished. The carpet is laid, lighting mounted, the walls are painted, everything is beautifully finished. The interior is theoretically prepared to receive potential guests or tenants. All you need to do is take a few photos, post an advertisement on the Internet and just wait for the bookings. But… 

You need to know one thing. Even the most beautiful, most modern apartment (like yours!), without proper styling and accessories, does not use its full potential! 

Most often, it is these small details in the form of flowers, artwork, everyday objects, ornaments, so often overlooked when presenting an apartment or taking a photo session, that give the property a completely different feeling. And it helps future guests choose your apartment and make a booking. If you manage to influence their imagination so much that they see a “home” in your property, you have a significant advantage over other, competitive properties. ⠀

Today, I will explain to you how to prepare your airbnb or HMO for a photo session in order to get better online listings! 

  •  select a theme – although in the case of airbnb characteristics decor is important, it is worth giving it some theme, so that the apartment can stand out from other offers and be remembered! Look at my last project – I focused on gold, bottle green and grey, thanks to which the entire styling is consistent and attracts attention. It is elegant and stylish, because it was created to attract working professionals.

In general, when choosing a theme, it is worth considering colors such as: beiges, whites, greys, green and sometimes you can break them with a more specific accent to make them look more unique. Also pay attention to the location of your apartment, perhaps you will be able to use colors and accessories to refer to the surroundings in which it is located (sea, mountains, urban vibe).

  • determine who is your ideal guest – first of all, you need to understand what type of guests you want to attract. Are they couples for romantic city breaks, family for holidays or professionals for business trips? Each of these groups will have completely different needs when it comes to home equipment. When wifi and a comfortable desk are important for someone involved in business, a family with children will have completely different priorities. They may look more for advanced kitchen equipment or amenities in the form of a TV or board games. Step into the guest’s shoes and think how to positively surprise him with the furnishings of your apartment.
  • details matter – plants, artwork, magazines, nice sheets and pillows will help guests feel cosier. And if the atmosphere impresses them, they will most likely tell another person about your airbnb. And word of the mouth is always very powerful! 

Create interest with unique patterns on cushions, original artworks, set the table, give your bathroom a SPA look, show which room is for what. Influence their imagination and make them want to stay in your apartment. Also, always remember about depersonalization. There are some items to avoid. It is religious symbols, political pieces. And don’t forget about flowers and plants, they always add charm to the space!

  • hire a professional property photographer – if your apartment is to look like a million pounds, photos cannot be taken with an iPhone. Hire a professional and you will see the effect in the number of new bookings. The quality of the photos is super important. Does your bedroom look dark and depressing and the living room seems to be much smaller than in reality? Your photos will make your house interesting and memorable for potential guests or not. Sometimes a photo taken from a different angle completely changes its perception.

If you want to present your house in the best possible way and increase the number of visitings, I recommend hiring a professional! Just look at my project’s photos – aren’t they amazing? 

  • staging for photo shooting – Home Stager is a person who will take care of all of the above and will save you a looooot of time. There is a special service that consists in styling the apartment for a photo session

Many landlords and property investors have furnished properties that lack bedding, artwork and cushions for the photo shoot. In such a situation, I can come with my own accessories and style the apartment with them for a photo session. 

If there is such a need, I can also do shopping within a certain budget, style the apartment for a shoot and then leave all accessories in the apartment (I did in the case of this project!). The choice is yours 🙂 See what the apartment from this project looked like with only the furniture, and then after the styling with accessories 🙂 It is not hard to guess which of these apartments will be booked faster, right?

If you need your airbnb or HMO styling for a photo session, contact me! It usually takes me one day to complete this service. 

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