Property styling tips 2022 for wellbeing

home styling trends in 2022

Can the interior of a property affect our mood? Yes of course! You probably know the type of homes you enter and you can’t explain why, but you feel good in them from the very first moment? There is a reason for this!

Our surroundings can either support our mind and soul or effectively weaken them. Therefore, having this knowledge, it is worth using it during preparing a home for sale or rent consciously to make potential buyers / tenants feel relaxed and happy while viewing our property.

What elements are worth paying attention to when styling a property to create the interior that will support our (and our potential clients) wellbeing? 


Choose neutral relaxing colours, like white, beige, grey, ivory or black – they will help to create a cozy, restful interior. Using neutral colours doesn’t have to make the styling “boring”. You can always add more lively accents, often in the form of accessories – pillows, candles, vases, or of course my favorite plants!

Look at these examples. In this styling I chose calm earth tones – mustard, green and shades of grey. While they are still very neutral colours, you have to admit that they attract attention, don’t they? 

home styling in UK

In this apartment I didn’t have much choice – the wall in the bedroom had already been painted grey, so I had to adapt my vision to that colour. It wasn’t a big problem because I use it very often in my projects. To liven up the interior a bit, in this project I chose shades of elegant golden brown and juicy green (in the form of various plants!).

property styling in UK

There are also some risky colours, which unfortunately when combined, can often have the opposite effect – cause anxiety or distraction. Better avoid mixing blue, yellow and red together. ⠀

Light and spaciousness

Light and its possible lack of it have a huge impact on our mood, so it is worth making sure that there is enough of it in the spaces we style. 

Clean windows will surely additionally brighten the space by inviting more natural light and hanging mirrors in small spaces will make them bigger and more open. And remember, that empty room looks much smaller than it actually is. Light neutral colours and big windows will also make a space brighter. ⠀

Natural elements

Being in a natural environment boosts our creativity and productivity. Such spaces inspire a calming sense of peace and balance. In the midst of nature and greenery we feel more productive, creative and motivated. 

This is why it’s so important to incorporate materials with natural textures, like wood, marble, rattan, stone, bamboo or cork to our Home Staging implementations. 

When searching for accessories (like blankets or pillow covers), choose those that are made of natural textures, like for example organic cotton or wool. And don’t forget about plants! They have a big impact on our mental health and reduce stress. There are never too many of them!

Round shapes

At Pearl Home we always design interiors with a goal of supporting wellness of the mind, body and soul of the people who live in these spaces.

Do you need help with property styling? Drop me a message! Do you agree that the home’s interior affects our well-being? 

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