Home Staging trends for 2023

Home Staging trends 2023

What trends to expect in 2023 in Home Staging? The situation in the world is very dynamic and has influenced the fact that the house and its various functions have become more important to us than before.

Although it seems that some problems – such as the pandemic – have come to an end, its effects will stay with us for a long time. The events from the last few years made us even more treat our home space as a sanctuary and understand how much the space around us affects our well-being. That is why we pay more attention to the materials from which furniture or accessories are made and we invest more in their quality that will serve us for many years.

Trends for 2023 are tips that are worth considering when implementing new projects. Adhering to them will certainly make the end result much more interesting and up-to-date. Remember, however, that what counts in Home Staging is the target customer and their expectations and requirements regarding the decor. So feel inspired, but you don’t have to follow all the ideas at once. 

Neutrals with bold colour accents

This year, we will notice more bold accents and vibrant colors in the interiors. It will definitely be affected by Pantone 2023 Colour of the Year Viva Magenta, which is described by the brand as “crimson red tone that presents a balance between warm and cool”. Recent years have been full of challenges, and this colour is supposed to give us strength and help us look positively into the future. Apart from that, vivid colours in rooms add energy and self-confidence. 

While in our homes we can afford more madness and, for example, a wall or sofa in an intense colour, in Home Staging projects we will rather focus on small accents in vibrant colors that will complement the whole. 

Earthy tones still trendy

To the delight of all Home Stagers, warm earthy tones in 2023 will continue to be trendy! These colours will work well with all types of styling houses for sale and rent. Very often you can see them in my projects 🙂 They will help to keep balance, connect people with nature and reduce stress.

Stone surfaces

As I mentioned before, more and more people are aware of how the materials our furniture and accessories are made of affect our well-being and are moving towards using natural ones. This year, stone elements are a must! Find a way to incorporate them into your home. It can be something bigger, like a stone shower or sink or something smaller as for example stone vases. The most commonly used materials in design are Granite, Marble and Limestone.

Regardless of what you choose, stone accents will add a modern look to your interior and make your apartment elegant.

Wellness zones

Not everything revolves around work and the already commonplace home office. Since the house currently has many different functions, an important element of it is also the SPA part, which will help maintain work-life balance. It is worth separating a space that will encourage relaxation – practicing yoga and meditation. In such a fast-paced lifestyle, a place at home to charge your batteries is essential. 

Don’t forget about the bathroom! It also plays an important role in rest and self-care. Decorate it in calm colors and put in it a lot of plants and accessories made of natural materials. In this way you will turn your bath space into a small SPA, which potential clients will surely appreciate.

Original lighting

When arranging the apartment, pay attention to lighting, which plays an extremely important role, especially in the autumn and winter months. Beautiful lamps in original shapes will make it more atmospheric and cozy. Moreover, interesting lighting installations will distinguish your apartment from others. And if you want to invite even more nature and good energy to your house, place Himalayan salt lamps in your bedroom or living room. 

My name is Marta and I am the owner of Pearl Home Design, a company that specializes in Home Staging. I will help you increase the value and the appeal of your property in order to sell your home quickly at the highest possible price. Need help with Home Staging?

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