Tips on how to make Home Staging sustainable

More and more people (especially millennials who now have great purchasing power) are starting to realize how much what we surround ourselves with affects us and our well-being. For them, environmental protection becomes one of the most important issues. The real estate market is also not indifferent to such behavior.

Do you want to rent your house or sell it at a good price, but you don’t know how to distinguish it on the market, where the competition is really high? What to do when original design and good location are not enough to stand out? I’m not even considering lowering the price – it’s never a good option – only a last resort. 

I have an amazing solution for you, the weight of which will increase year by year. What do I mean? Stage your house in an eco-friendly manner! What is worth paying attention to? Below you will read some tips on how to make Home Staging sustainable. Follow them and you will see that not only mother nature will thank you for it 🙂

Go green with a light

The best, simplest and cheapest way to save energy in the house, and consequently – to lower bills, is… natural light! Large windows in the house can work wonders and beautifully illuminate the space. Make sure that as much natural light as possible enters the house, and eco-friendly potential buyers or tenants will surely appreciate it!

However, if your house is naturally poorly lit, it is necessary to equip it with energy-saving LED bulbs. Although they cost more, their service life is much longer than traditional light sources.

The type of paint matters!

Repainting the walls to refresh it before renting or selling is one of typical Home Staging actions, but if you want to do it right and in line with sustainability, then… you shouldn’t be using traditional paint that usually contains hazardous chemicals. 

I recommend you choose a low-or-no VOC paints that contain a reduced amount of Volatile Organic Compounds or non toxic water-based paints. Both of them are much less harmful for humans’ health and don’t cause damage to the environment.

Only sustainable appliances

Household appliances can consume a lot of energy and ill-considered purchases in this matter can lead to a real disaster. That is why when supplying a home with household appliances, it is so important to make our choices as energy-efficient as possible. As in the case of LED bulbs, such sustainable equipment will be more expensive, but you (or your tenants) will see positive (financial) effects from the very first energy bill. Having eco-friendly appliances saves a lot of money and most importantly reduces our carbon footprint. 

Upcycled furnishings and materials

Beautiful design is important as long as it goes hand in hand with sustainability. Home furnishings should not only look appealing, but also meet the conditions of being eco-friendly. What does this mean in practice? 

Choose only furniture and accessories that are made of environment-friendly and recyclable materials, like wood, stone, bamboo, rattan or glass. A good choice will be also second-hand furniture from flea markets or pieces coming from local manufacturing. By buying local, you avoid environmentally harmful transport.

What about pillows, beddings and blankets? They should be made of organic hemp, linen and cotton fabrics. 

Plants, plants, plants

Plants at home not only beautifully decorate the space, but also perfectly purify the air by removing harmful chemicals and reducing CO2. These are not the only advantages of having them at home – they also reduce stress and increase creativity of inhabitants. 

To make your offer even more unique, make sure that outdoor spaces are as attractive as the inside. In this case, plants will come to the rescue again – decorate the decking and front of the house. You will see that it will get cozier right away!

In most of my projects, I try to go green as much as possible. My name is Marta and I am the owner of Pearl Home Design, a company that specializes in Home Staging. I will help you increase the value and the appeal of your property in order to sell your home quickly at the highest possible price. Need help with Home Staging? Contact me.

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