Pros and cons of Home Staging

Home Staging – is it just a temporary fashion that will quickly pass, or is it a well-thought-out real estate marketing that will gain in weight every year? 

People who have never had much in common with the real estate market may view this term a bit suspiciously, but those more experienced in the industry know that a good Home Staging can completely change the future of a house for sale / rent. After all, all investors and homeowners care about one thing – the highest possible return on investment, right? And investing in Home Staging is one of the best ways to achieve this! 

However, Home Staging – like everything – has its pros and cons and is not for everyone. Let’s take a closer look at them today and see if Home Staging is something you might be interested in!

Pros of Home Staging

You will increase the value of your house

Cooperation with Home Staging will surely result in various changes, and some of them may surprise you. You will be wondering: why, for example, change the floor in the kitchen? Let the new owner do it, it doesn’t look that bad. But… 

What if the condition of this floor completely spoils the overall impression of your house and significantly lowers its value? Home Stager is a person who knows the world of real estate perfectly and what potential buyers / tenants pay the most attention to. He knows well which repairs are worth focusing on and which can be skipped. Her many years of experience will allow you to avoid the costs associated with purchase of new furniture / accessories that may seem attractive to you, but ultimately may not have an impact on the sale price. 

Home Stager is a person you can trust, because she knows the real estate market well, the prices prevailing on it and what your target group expects of their dream house. Using the experience and knowledge of such a professional is a real treasure and leads to great financial results!

You will sell your house at your dream price

Referring to the previous point – if you increase the value of your house, make essential changes and repairs to it, you will have a base to increase the price for which you want to sell it. What’s more, Home Stager will help you create a space in which potential buyers will fall in love and will be able to imagine their everyday life in your property. If they feel attached to your home… you can be sure that you will receive many more competitive offers, because potential buyers will perfectly remember your property and the feeling you have evoked in them. Cooperation with Home Stager is a guarantee of receiving the highest possible sale price. 

Your house will attract more attention online

If you want to distinguish your property from the others, unfortunately the photos from the Iphone will not do their job. They definitely won’t show the potential of your house at all – on the contrary, they can spoil the overall impression.

Most people start searching houses on the Internet. And if you don’t interest a viewer with your offer from the very first second and your interior doesn’t make a WOW effect, you are in a losing position from the very beginning… If you post poor quality photos on the Internet, or they will not fully show the potential of your property, there is a good chance that potential buyers won’t even want to see it live. And that would be a pity, wouldn’t it …?

Most Home Stagers (myself included) work with professional photographers and will provide you with beautiful photos that will show your home from the best possible side and delight others on the Internet.

Cons of Home Staging

Additional cost

The Home Staging service can consist of many different elements: identifying the target audience, depersonalisation, decluttering, home cleaning, small repairs, shopping, furniture assembling, property styling for photo sessions… Depending on the condition of your house and what exactly you need (preparation for house selling or renting, furniture rental, consultation etc.), the price for the Home Staging service will vary. Each project is priced individually, depending on the size of the house, the number of rooms and scope of work (write to me to get a quote!). 

However, it is worth looking at this “cost” from a slightly different perspective. If the Home Staging service helps us earn much more and sell / rent a house in no time (95% of staged homes in the UK sold quicker than those which were unstaged), then… it is probably not a cost, but quite a profitable investment, isn’t it? 😉

Additional time

Home Staging can take some time and ​​delay your listing process. But is it really a “waste” of time? If you manage to sell your house at the highest price and faster thanks to the Home Staging service, you will actually gain a lot more. Because so what, that you list your house faster, if it’s not properly prepared for sale and then you wait months, because no one is interested in it… Choose wisely!

My name is Marta and I am the owner of Pearl Home Design, a company that specialises in Home Staging. I will help you increase the value and the appeal of your property in order to sell your home quickly at the highest possible price. Need help with Home Staging? Contact me.

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