Home Staging – biggest myths

Many myths have arisen about Home Staging. They are mainly distributed by people who do not fully understand what Home Staging is all about and therefore do not see its potential. And as a result, they lose a lot!

Well, let’s imagine that you have just bought a property for investment, or you are the homeowner that decides to rent their apartment. After all, each subsequent month without tenants is a huge financial loss for you, isn’t it? And your apartment is still vacant for unknown reasons… Or you want to sell your house and it’s been a while since your property has gone on market, but unfortunately your phone doesn’t ring? 

What do all these situations have in common? People who probably forgot to invest in Home Staging because they believed one of the myths circulating about them! Let’s bust Home Staging myths together and get the best return on our investments! 

Home staging myth #1: Home Staging is just an unnecessary cost

Many people unfamiliar with the real estate industry, treat Home Staging as an unnecessary action, which will not in any way affect the value of the property or the speed of sale. According to them, this service is just a waste of money and they prefer to save on it. But is this approach really more profitable? The statistics clearly say that not necessarily. 

The first reduction in the price of your home will cost you much more than the investment in Home Staging. And from my and my clients’ experience, Home Staging results appear in no time!

Let’s look at real life examples! In this case, thanks to Home Staging, the house has been sold quickly above asking price. 

And this is another success story, which should give you food for thought before you give up Home Staging. The house was sold in 24 hours after going on the market! Before I met the client for a consultation, he had a valuation of £135k. After Home Staging, the estate agent was happy to put the house on the market at an asking price of £170k.

Home staging myth #2: Home Staging is too expensive

Many homeowners still think that Home Staging is reserved only for wealthy people or huge houses. It is not like that! Home Staging consists of many different activities and it can be adjusted to your budget. I have explained precisely in this article what activities can be included in Home Staging service

If you have a limited budget, believe that miracles can be achieved within it! 

For example, I had a project where I had to move everything like kitchen utensils, accessories, towels, and bedding from one Serviced Accommodation in Leeds to another in Manchester. My budget was exactly £200. It was a real challenge to use the same furniture and accessories and achieve completely different feelings and looks. But look, it worked!

As part of Home Staging, there is also a service that may consist of just styling the property for a photo session. I had another project, where the owner of the apartment contacted me to do this for him. 

He only needed accessories to style, but during the conversation it turned out that the apartment does not have many necessary things such as bedding, rug, artworks, bedside lamps, mirror, ornaments etc. 

That’s why I went shopping first, to buy the necessary Airbnb stuff within a certain budget. The day before styling it turned out that plates, cutlery, kettle, toaster, microwave were still needed… So I ran to the shops again! On the styling day I brought my own accessories to additionally beautify the apartment and get the WOW effect on the photo session! If you want to save, I can offer you my accessories rental. And I have them A LOT! 

Home staging myth #3: Home Staging is the same as Interior Design

This is one of the most common myths I hear about Home Staging! Staging and Interior Design are completely opposite things. Once your home is designed, this means that it has been styled according to your taste. And that does not mean that others will also like it! 

The magic of Home Staging is to make your home attractive to as many potential buyers as possible! Home Stager knows a variety of tricks to help viewers imagine themselves living in your home. Thanks to them the decision to buy your property will become much more emotional and will be willing to spend more than they would for unstaged homes.

Home staging myth #4: Staging isn’t necessary before listing

Many people make the mistake of thinking that they will only invest in Home Staging after some time, if there is no one interested in their apartment.

Your first listing is the most powerful, this is why you shouldn’t waste this opportunity to show your property as its best. At this moment there is the most buzz about your property, therefore you should use this situation to your advantage! 

You can only make the first good impression once 🙂 I will help you with this!

My name is Marta and I am the owner of Pearl Home Design, a company that specialises in Home Staging. I will help you increase the value and the appeal of your property in order to sell your home quickly at the highest possible price. Need help with Home Staging? Contact me.

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