Spring home selling tips you need to know!

Spring Home Staging tips

Is spring the best season to sell homes?

In spring everything starts to bloom – the temperature rises, the day gets longer, the animals wake up from their winter sleep, and property buyers… They go hunting! 

It has been known for a long time that spring is the best time of the year to sell homes. The new season fills people with optimism, encourages them to leave their homes and make some important life changes. Many people decide to move out and find a new, more attractive place to live. 

Most reports on the Internet indicate one thing – spring is a time of increased search for real estates and it is worth taking advantage of it. The good news is the high demand in the market. The bad news is that competition is increasing significantly during this period. Therefore, if you want to sell your home quickly and at a good price, you should prepare your home accordingly. And one of the best ways to do that is spring cleaning! Let me show you some effective tips that will help sell your home faster in the spring season. 

Spring cleaning tips to sell home quicker

Make a grand entrance!

Home after Home Staging

Let’s start from the beginning. The first impression does not count from the moment of crossing the threshold of your home, but… a little bit earlier. More specifically, from the moment the potential buyer parks the car. It only depends on you whether he sees a beautifully kept space, with a nicely trimmed lawn and shrubs, or maybe he will get scared of the overgrown backyard with weeds and develop a negative attitude towards your property from the very beginning. Remember, the first impression is only made once! 

The next thing you should pay attention to is the front door. Neglected, faded doors do not portend anything good, right? Make sure that your doorway looks inviting. Repaint them if necessary and clean the doorknobs so that they sparkle. Don’t forget to clean the floors in your entryway. Adding some greenery or potted plants will make your main entry more welcoming and beautiful. 


Spring is the perfect time to clean up and… throw away all unnecessary things! You don’t even know how much this simple and uncomplicated activity will increase the attractiveness of your home. If you live at the same place for an extended period of time… you must have collected different items that you do not necessarily need. The accumulation of various trinkets will only distract the potential buyer and, even worse, make the space seem much smaller. Browse through what you have in wardrobes and drawers, throw away or sell what you don’t carry, or possibly hide in your garage, setting it up in a nice way. By doing this you will also have less trouble when moving out 🙂

Do the same in the kitchen. The less is more. Remove all unnecessary things from the kitchen worktops. Get rid of devices that you don’t use regularly and only get dusty.

Clear windows – your secret weapon

Home Staging trends in 2021

What is the secret of selling the property fast in spring? I’ll reveal it to you – just don’t tell anyone 😉 Wash the windows very carefully! Trust me that a bright, sunny space will definitely increase the value of your home. Make your windows sparkle by cleaning them inside and out! And don’t forget to polish all the mirrors, especially those in the bathroom. Natural light is your best friend and can completely change the perception of home. If you live on a high floor, think about investing in professional cleaning service. You will see that it will pay off!

Clean clean clean

Try to step into the shoes of a potential buyer and see your home from the perspective of a stranger. What does it mean? Maybe you are used to the smell of your dog and you don’t pay attention to it, but trust me – this little detail can significantly influence the potential buyer’s decision – to your disadvantage. 

In order not to reduce the chances of selling the apartment just at the beginning, I advise you to carry out a thorough cleaning. Get rid of dirt around light switches or electrical outlets. Scrub down all door frames and baseboards. Move the bed and vacuum underneath. Remove dust from curtains and draperies. Deeply clean all carpets in your house, especially if you have pets and their fur is everywhere. Finally, air out the whole house. 

Refresh and repair

It doesn’t need to take much time and money to make a house look like new. Sometimes simply repainting the apartment can change it beyond recognition. Painting your house from the outside could also be a great idea, especially if you haven’t been doing it for ages. 

Check carefully if everything works and your roof isn’t leaking – it’s better to fix it before putting the house up for sale. Making minor repairs will help you get the best possible price.

Don’t forget about backyard

Our habits have changed due to the pandemic. The same goes for the expectations of a perfect home. The unusual world situation made many people realize that outdoor spaces could be as important as interiors. This is why staging gardens and terraces in the appealing way can help us sell the property faster. 

Place a table with chairs there, decorate the patio with nice spring accessories, plant a few flowers and let potential buyers imagine how they spend nice, warm evenings in this place. Little things make a big difference! Sometimes it is a well-kept backyard that can help our home stand out from the competition and close the transaction.

Do you need professional help in preparing your property for sale in spring? Drop me a message! It has been known for a long time that home staging effectively accelerates home sales and I have been specialising in this for several years (see portfolio).

Do you have any other spring cleaning tips? Share them with me in the comments! And follow my Instagram account for more Home Staging tricks&tips!👇

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  1. Spring sees an influx of buyers within the marketplace as it’s a great time to buy. Buying in spring allows people to settle into their homes before the holiday period, yet it also allows children to finish off the schooling year at their current school.

  2. It’s certainly difficult to stand out if there is a sudden surge of competitors trying to sell their homes as much you do. However, with these tips, I believe it increases the chances of selling off the property faster than those who are not informed and made their preparations.

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