Home staging consultation – what to expect from? Case Study

Home Staging Consultation

You are browsing the Internet in search of information on how to sell / rent your home faster at your dream price and in 90% of cases, Google tells you to use the Home Staging service. But it’s the first time you hear about it! Will it pay off? What is Home Staging at all?

If you are unsure or afraid to invest in the entire service, you don’t need to eat the whole cake right away. You can taste a piece and… benefit from a home staging consultation first! Let me show you step by step what it looks like in a specific example 🙂

What is a Home Staging consultation?

Before I explain what a Home Staging consultation is, let’s start with the basics and explain what Home Staging is at all. In short, Home Staging is a professional property preparation for sale or rent. Its main goal is to increase the value of home so that you can get the best possible price and the highest return on your investment. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? And that’s not all! 

Thanks to the neutralisation of the space, Home Staging service makes a property appealing for the greatest number of people who can imagine themselves living there. The homes are rented / sold in the blink of an eye and it has little to do with magic, but rather with a well-thought-out strategy for property promotion 🙂

But getting to the point, during Home Staging consultation I will review your entire property, indicating room by room what changes should be implemented to make your home bigger, brighter and generally more attractive to potential buyers. Depending on your budget, you can take notes by yourself or I can prepare for you the full report – so called action plan, with a detailed description of how to implement individual changes.

Home Staging consultation – what to expect?

The theory behind us, so let’s move on to practice. Let’s take a closer look at a project that started with a consultation and ended with a full Home Staging service. The consultation took 2 hours and concerned a 6 bedroom house for sale in Leeds with the main goal of increasing the value of the property so that the owners could sell it at the highest possible price. 

It is difficult for the home owners to look at their properties objectively, without emotions. They are used to their sounds, smells and other features that are “normal” for them. It is very possible that they don’t see some of its flaws because they just live there on a daily basis. The home stager’s job is to look at the house from a completely different perspective with a “fresh”, sometimes critical look, to get rid of its imperfections and increase the chances of a successful transaction.

Luxury Blue Interiors – Case Study

I arrived at the client’s house and the consultation began as soon as I got out of the car. Because the first impression begins outside! And in this case the outside area and exterior house needed tidying up. 

Then we entered the house and I started analysing each room one by one for decluttering, repainting, repairs, accessories and depersonalisation. During this stage, we talk a lot and walk around the home, and I wonder which features are worth emphasizing and what needs to be improved. And here there are two options – either the client himself takes notes of my recommendations, or I prepare a detailed report of our meeting, which I then deliver to the client. It is called an action plan and in this case it had 20 pages! Below you will find example action plan pages from this project to have an idea of ​​what it looks like 🙂

After providing such a document, you can start implementing the changes yourself, or… opt for the full Home Staging service 🙂 In this project, the client decided to continue working with me. As she was moving abroad and wanted to get rid of most of the furniture as soon as possible, she decided to rent furniture, like soft furnishings, accessories for a period of 12 weeks. I’ve chosen colour for flooring, coordinated installation of furniture, recommended a good proactive Estate Agent in the area, sourced, ordered, and bought curtains and styled property for photo shoots with existing items to create a lifestyle.

What was the effect of this? Before I met the client for a consultation, she had already done two valuations and both were well below the price the client wanted (£550k and £650k). After consultation, the client implemented all the suggested changes. Then I did Home Staging. When it came to the next valuation, the estate agent was happy to put the house on the market at an asking price of £700k! 

Do you want to increase interest and property value with me?

And the full case study of this project you will find here

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