Description of property

Two bedroom apartment bought for a short-term rental.

The main challenges

  • the apartment was completely empty so the main goal was to furnish it and arrange for home staging, 
  • making the property offer stand out from the crowd.

La Salle Calm Interiors

Place: Leeds

Scope: Serviced Accommodation

Project Date: December 2019


  • property styling, adapted to the property and client’s budget, 
  • purchase of furniture,
  • installation of furniture,
  • hiring cleaning service,
  • staging for a photo session, 
  • providing photo sessions with the cooperation of professionals.


The photographer provided the client with one photo from the session the next day. She used it to post an offer and based only on that one photo she immediately received reservations for 10 days, then 28 and another 59! After delivering all the photos, the house was almost constantly booked.