Description of property

The investor bought a 3 bedroom semi-detached house in order to renovate it and sell it as quickly as possible. The house was empty.

The main challenges

  • choosing a kitchen, interior doors, carpet, 
  • styling the house with the use of rented furniture.

Banks Simply Interiors

Place: Pontefract

Scope: For Sale

Project Date: June 2020


  • assistance in choosing the door to rooms, flooring, color of walls and choosing a kitchen,
  • interior styling adapted to the needs of the target customer,
  • purchase and installation of furniture and accessories,
  • providing photo sessions with the cooperation of professionals.


The investment in home staging paid off because the house was sold in 24 hours after going on the market! Before I met the client for a consultation, he had a valuation of £135k After Home Staging, the estate agent was happy to put the house for the market at asking price of £170k.